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Our company, 100pct of Polish vested capital specializes in internal transport systems. Founded in 1992, the company actively implements, develops and participates in European markets.

Our experience and expertise comes via innovation and installation of internal warehouse logistics, which lets us carry out some of the most rigorous projects.

Our solutions through the use of some of the best technologies and equipment of leading companies in this market, reflect and meet the needs of our customers. They also improve the operating efficiency of the warehouses, distribution centers, or distribution environments. Our goal is to improve our customers operating profitability.

The internal warehouse transport is vital in the planning process and the overall business strategy. Our best results come from our service of providing customers research services and local expertise. The company’s cooperation with customers begins with understanding their needs, internal infrastructure, objectives and goals. We also explore all possible outcomes to produce a design specifically created for customer need.

In summary we approach tasks in a very comprehensive manner, where the safety and success of our customer becomes an integral focus of our business model.

We distribute our products, services in Europe. Of note: Germany, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia remain top priorities.

Our offering spans various sizing capabilities of any enterprise due to our modular structure. This includes equipment updates, remodeling expansions, and structural change.

We also supply high-performance and reliable automated transport systems and conveyor controls for the transport of loads including: pallets, trays, crates and boxes in warehouses.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.